About L.A.N.I.

Phelicia Bradford-Jackson is an American-Jamaican beauty inspired entrepreneur that has always had a passion for enhancing a woman's existing beauty. She has always wanted to share her ideas of woman's expression through beauty products and decided to start with  launching L. A. N. I.  
The acronym L. A. N. I. stems from her daughter's name Meilani, which is her motivation for starting her beauty line. She wants to show her daughter that the sky will always be the limit to what you have a true passion for.  
L. A. N. I. - A woman's beauty will encourage one to Look without staring, Admire without seeking approval, Notice without intent, and be Impressed by beautiful lashes.
L. A. N. I. provides natural and dramatic Mink Lashes. Comfortable 3D Mink lashes of the finest quality 100% Handcrafted 100% Mink.  Whether you are looking for a full and glamorous look in our "3D Volume" or a natural and subtle look in our "3D Thin Line", 
L. A. N. I. has the look for your desired style.